Peter head shot

Peter Wadsworth is an artist and illustrator and has been doing reportage style drawings for enjoyment and professionally for most of his life. His drawing ability has led him to many places from King Henry the VIII’s Castle at Hampton Court to California’s Big Sur. He was honored to be invited to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, where his drawings on the history of Smallpox were displayed with a Presidential Proclamation recognizing the 20th anniversary of the eradication of the disease—one of the 20th century’s greatest medical accomplishments. He is also the only artist ever to create a reportage at Centers for Disease Control.

Pratt Institute B.F.A. Communication Design

Parial Client List: American Express – Centurion Card American Express – Gold Card, Barney’s Men’s Store, Brides Magazine: Condé Nast, NY Daily News, Franklin Mint, Hearst Publishing, Murdoch Publications, New York Times, NY Times Magazine, Reader’s Digest Publications